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At Martinborough Wine Tours we do a number of things to support our local community and businesses and to reduce our own carbon footprint:

Our office is off grid and powered by solar panels and batteries.

We operate one hybrid vehicle and all our vehicles are washed down using roof water stored in a tank.

All Martinborough Wine Tours guides live locally and we strongly support and recommend local businesses.

Martinborough Wine Tours is one of the sponsors of Martinborough's Community Patrol.

Our vehicles have been made available to Martinborough School and we have donated tour vouchers to fundraisers for organisations such as Martinborough Kindergarten.

We encourage guests travelling from Wellington to use public transport to get to the Wairarapa, or to stay locally. We are flexible so that we can connect with the Wellington/Wairarapa train services.

Many Martinborough wines that we taste on our wine tours come from vineyards that are certified organic. They include Grava, Schubert, Ata Rangi, Palliser, Te Hera, and Cambridge Road.

Organic winegrowers cooperate with nature using no synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides. Healthy soils and vines, nurtured without synthetic chemicals, create wines that support the health of vineyard workers, consumers and the land itself. As a result of this care, organic wineries produce many of the most highly reputed wines in New Zealand.

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